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Welcome to the FREE online Calorie Counter.

Food Calories Counter is a free resource for finding the amount of calories in a large variety of foods, as well as finding out how many calories are burned performing common exercises.

There is no signing up for anything to access our database of 18000+ foods. It is provided as a free public resource.

Simply type a phrase in the search box or browse one of the many categories and you are on your way...

Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter Example Features

All the calories and nutrition information for foods are shown in an easily recognizable nutrition label format.

The animated pie chart shows an easy to understand breakdown of where the calories in the food are coming from.. fat, carbs, etc.

The bar graph shows at a quick glance the percent of the recommended daily allowance the particular food contains for fat, protein and carbs.

Most foods have a convenient drop down for serving size allowing you to read information closer to your portion size.

Calories Burned Calculator

Calories burned Features

It's as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Select the activity you performed or are about to perform.

2. Enter your weight and the amount of time you are going to do the activity.

3. Hit recalculate and the approximate number of calories burned will be shown...

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